Experienced operators to help you take your business vision and legacy to the next phase of growth.


We work with family-owned and operated businesses in the logistics industry.


Identify. Grow. Transform: Reserv Equity Partners seek to implement value-added operational and M&A strategies to unlock the next level of value in businesses.


We focus on lower middle market companies in the North American logistics industry.


To keep a pulse on the market, we share firm insights and highlight important industry news and developments.


We do as we say, and we deliver as promised. Hear directly from our sellers.
  • When Reserv approached me for a conversation regarding my business, there was a genuine effort to understand my position as a retiring business owner and what that meant for the business down the line. They knew the transportation space, they had a strong operations team and they affirmed that they would take care of my legacy employees.
    Danny K., North Carolina
  • Reserv were true to their word on their commitments. They had operating personnel on the ground from Day One putting in long hours to understand our operations. They waited to implement their own ideas until they understood how the business worked and were very respectful and considerate to my current employees during the process.
    Danny K., North Carolina
  • Would I recommend Reserv? 100% YES. If you’re looking for an experienced team that will pay you a fair price, that will provide operating talent post acquisition to transition and grow your operations, and take care of your employees, you will have the right fit with Reserv, They do what they say and they say what they do. I am happy to talk directly with any prospective retirees about my experience with them.
    Danny K., North Carolina


Founded in 2018, Reserv Equity Partners works with business owners who are looking to transition their life's work to operators with high integrity and new energy to grow.

Privately-held businesses typically reach a critical juncture where the owners seek external partners to help take their vision to the next level.

This is where Reserv Equity Partners step in. We are a team of trusted friends with over 50 years of collective operational experiences that complement each other. We are business owners so we know the ups and downs of running a business. We work closely with great management teams and owners to reach their businesses' fullest potential.

Let's work together to build on your legacy.



We focus on lower middle market companies in the logistics industry with revenues from $10 million to $50 million.


We help owners and management teams gain access to both human and capital resources necessary to grow to the next level.


We seek to implement value-added operational and M&A strategies to unleash the next level of value in companies with a history of success.